Cando Board of Director Elections

The Cando Board attracts dedicated, strong-willed, committed and experienced EDOs who understand the benefits of volunteerism. Any new Board member will need to have the skills and abilities to effectively deal with the challenges of building on and strengthening the governance regime adopted over the past years and to ensure their region’s concerns and the voice of EDOs continue to be reflected in the organization and its work. If you are a Full Cando member in current region absent of a Director, please give some serious consideration to representing your region on the Board for the next three years.

Currently, Cando is running elections in the following regions:



Download Manitoba Election Package here

Nortwest Territories

Download Northwest Territories Election Package here

Southern British Columbia

Download Southern British Columbia Election Package here


Contact Ray Wanuch, Cando Executive Director at (780) 990-0303 for more information or if you have any questions.

You can apply for your Cando membership online or download a copy of the Membership Form.