Ray Wanuch

Ray Wanuch was born in Edmonton, Alberta, raised on the Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement; he is of First Nations descent from the Ermineskin Cree Nation. Ray obtained a Bachelor of Management degree from the University of Lethbridge in 1989; he also possesses the Technician and the Professional Level Certification from Cando. Prior to working with Cando, Ray was the CEO of Settlement Investment Corporation. He then moved on to facilitate and manage the Métis Settlements Economic Viability Strategy, which received international recognition for sustainable development. Recently, Ray managed and taught a self-employment program for the Métis Nation of Alberta. Ray’s volunteer work includes being appointed to the Alberta Water Council by the Métis Settlements General Council; he is the former Cando Co-President and Director representing Alberta. Ray is married to Nola Wanuch from the Enoch Cree Nation, and has three wonderful kids: Wendell, Natasha and Sydney, and three wonderful grandsons: Aiden, Nashua, and Taye.