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Mi'kmaq creator of software system earning national

Donald Hanson

Donald Hanson is hoping First Nation communities across Canada start utilizing Lucid, the band management software system he created

By Sam Laskaris
Cando Writer

A band management software system that he created is earning an Indigenous man some cross-country praise. Donald Hanson, who is Mi’kmaq and a member of the Membertou First Nation on Cape Breton Island, is the creator of Lucid. The software system was designed to support First Nation communities and organizations across the country.

Its aim is to increase their transparency and accountability, thus enhancing their over-all effectiveness. “It’s transparent and easy to follow,” Hanson said of the software system, adding that is why the name of the product is aptly called Lucid.

“That’s the whole idea of the system.” Partly because he created Lucid, Hanson is one of the four nominees this year for Cando’s Aboriginal Private Sector Business award. Cando, the national organization that promotes Indigenous economic development, has also announced its nominees in its individual economic development officer and community categories.

Winners will be honoured at the Cando Conference, scheduled for late October in Fredericton, N.B. The Lucid system provides four key features that will assist users.

They are budgeting, human resources, document management and community reporting. Since launching Lucid in April of this year, Hanson has convinced communities or groups from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia to sign up for his pilot project. He will offer the software for free for a three-month period in the hopes users will purchase the service afterwards.

“There is a lot of people looking to get this type of service,” he said. “There is a need and I want to fill it.” Hanson had previously worked for more than a decade in federal civil service. His desire to create a system such as Lucid stemmed from the fact he often witnessed the impact created from a lack of a proper management framework.

“Communities I worked with in the past had the best intentions,” he said. “But I’ve seen the need for something like (Lucid) and I understand it.”