Ian Craven

Ian Craven, CMA, MBA is a Partner in the Winnipeg office of MNP. Ian has had more than 25 years of management consulting experience providing business and economic development, planning and corporate finance advice to Aboriginal organizations across Canada. He has worked with First Nations, Tribal Councils and other Aboriginal organizations in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories. He remains an ongoing business and strategic advisor to many of these organizations.  Much of Ian’s work has been developing specific business projects for band owned business. He has also done extensive work helping these organizations set their higher-level strategies and overall community planning as it applies to business and economic development. His expertise includes strategy, governance, cost analysis, capital planning and finance. Recently, much of Ian's time is spent with MNP's Aboriginal tax experts and the First Nation's legal council to create an overall structure for First Nations that serves the management and governance of multiple businesses operating on and off reserve. Ian has an MBA with a major in corporate finance and is a certified management accountant.