Chief Steve Smith

Kaaxnox (Steve Smith) is the elected Dän nätthe ada (Chief) of the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations (CAFN).  He is a member of the K’etlènmbet (Killer whale) clan and was raised near Whitehorse, Yukon and on the land by parents Elijah and Irene Smith.  Chief Smith has a strong background in economic development and executive management (16 years experience and his Master’s degree in Business Administration) and has served two previous terms on the CAFN Council. 

“I believe that everything is intertwined, from health and culture, to housing and economic development.  We need to take a holistic team approach to solving the problems facing our people,” said Chief Smith.  He works closely with the CAFN Council, which includes four Councillors, an Elder Councillor and Youth Councillor.  Their collective vision focuses on the overlapping priorities of self-reliance, connecting and better government. Steve is a continuing student of his Southern Tutchone language and culture and has learned from his parents, uncles, grandparents and many Elders in the Yukon.  He strives to bring cultural values into his work for the CAFN government and his own life.  He is an active traditional drummer and often performs with the Dakwäkäda Dancers.